Act-fx : Download current version

Current version: 3.11

Please note: Act-fx is compatible only with 32-bit versions of Excel
(running under either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows)

New installation
First installation on a new computer
(30-day free trial for new users; re-installation or transfer for existing users) :

Download for new installation      Installation notes (pdf file)

For new users, registration of name and email address is needed to use the product.
(Users with expired trials of prior versions, please contact Actuarial Solutions Ltd.)

Upgrade existing installation for users with current subscription or trial:

Download for upgrade      Installation notes  (pdf file)

Download notes

  • Click on the appropriate button above for new installation or upgrade.
  • You may choose ‘Run’ or ‘Save’ depending on the options given by your browser.
  • If you choose ‘Run’, the installation program will start automatically after it has downloaded.
  • If you choose ‘Save’:
    – if the file does not default to your downloads folder, specify a convenient location
       (for example your Windows desktop);
    – double click on the file to start the installation.
  • There may be pause in the display of messages after the ‘preparing to install’ message but please wait and the installation will continue.