Act-fx : Privacy policy

Actuarial Solutions Limited (ASL) will collect personal information in order to administer the licences for its software products.

The personal information collected will be a minimum of name, company and email address and may include postal address and telephone number. The information is collected at the time of registration of the software by the user.

Personal information data is collected under the ‘legitimate interest’ basis for processing in order to validate the licensing of computer software and to enable provision to licensees of information on use of the software and upgrades.

Data may collected automatically by ASL’s licenced software products for the purposes of licence verification. This may include the licence identifier, date and time of the licence check and the result of the check.

Data is retained for the use of ASL only in licence processing and communication with licence holders regarding subscription renewals, use of the software and notification of upgrades.

ASL is the ‘data controller’ and employs a separate company as ‘data processer’ to provide the database facility under a contractual arrangement. Data is not shared with, nor to passed to, any other party.

Licence holders may request termination of their licence and immediate deletion of their registration data at any time.

Registration data will be deleted no later than 18 months after non-renewal of the software subscription licence.